Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Lash BIG Mascara

Long time no blog. But i recently purchased the Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara in Blackest Black and I am in love. (Not to mention I paid less than $6 at my local Walgreens AND Maybelline was buy one get one free that week, practically a steal!!! :) I have heard a lot of people talk smack about Great Lash in general but i dig it. I love the big, chubby brush this mascara comes with. I do however, wish that the wand was a bit longer. Anyways, the whole "buildable volume" claim really appealed to me... And! you really can control this mascara. You can get your lashes fat and maxed out, or have a softer, more sublte volume. Of course, me being me, I crank it up. :) Another little thing you have to watch for, since it's a buildable mascara, the formula is wetter than most i have tried, not as creamy and takes a teeny bit longer to dry, needless to say I am a klutz and have blinked hard or looked up too fast and gotten those "adorable" black mascara streaks on my lids. hahaha. But all in all I do really love this mascara. i toss it into my makeup bag everyday. And of course the funky 80's hot pink and lime green packaging brings me a bit of joy everytime i apply. :)

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