Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest OBSESSION! Victoria's Secret Body Mist: Lemon Paradise

This has got to be the best lemon scented spray i have ever... errr.. sprayed? lol Anyways, i first came across this lovely spray sometime in the beginning of summer, probably early June or late May. It was love at first spray haha. One problem, my Vicky's only had the TESTER on the shelf. So i looked high and low and opened every drawer. Of course sold out. I had gone quite a few times after that, and always SOLD OUT. But a few days ago (and a few months later) haha i go in a see a shelf full of Lemon Paradise! And of course, I'm broke!! :D Luckily my best friend Shay hooked it up and got it for me. More about the scent, its a wonderful rich, yet soft lemon sugar and vanilla scent. i love citrus scents so this is always a great pick me up. I especially love to spray it all over after a shower, it has aloe and chamomile so it leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Definitely a great buy if you're a lemon lover. Runs for $9 and can be found on www.VictoriasSecret.com or in any Victoria's Secret store. (Hopefully yours isn't sold out like mine was!) Have a wonderful day guys!

Jessica xox

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FREE TAMPON SAMPLES!!! Playtex & Kotex :)

Hey ladies, so last night I stumbled upon some free tampon samples!!! Totally free and easy and hey, we could always use some extra tampons! I've tried the Kotex but never the Playtex some I'm excited to get mine in the mail! Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing and shipping. Here are the links below girls, enjoy!



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Lash BIG Mascara

Long time no blog. But i recently purchased the Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara in Blackest Black and I am in love. (Not to mention I paid less than $6 at my local Walgreens AND Maybelline was buy one get one free that week, practically a steal!!! :) I have heard a lot of people talk smack about Great Lash in general but i dig it. I love the big, chubby brush this mascara comes with. I do however, wish that the wand was a bit longer. Anyways, the whole "buildable volume" claim really appealed to me... And! you really can control this mascara. You can get your lashes fat and maxed out, or have a softer, more sublte volume. Of course, me being me, I crank it up. :) Another little thing you have to watch for, since it's a buildable mascara, the formula is wetter than most i have tried, not as creamy and takes a teeny bit longer to dry, needless to say I am a klutz and have blinked hard or looked up too fast and gotten those "adorable" black mascara streaks on my lids. hahaha. But all in all I do really love this mascara. i toss it into my makeup bag everyday. And of course the funky 80's hot pink and lime green packaging brings me a bit of joy everytime i apply. :)